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r/depression, because nobody should be alone in a dark place

Approved research posts will have a tag that only moderators can apply. Do not debate or sensationalise current events or hot-button topics because they happen Continue reading..

Understanding and Combating Stay at Home Mom Depression

This is depression and this is life for millions of women who stay home with their children. Whether you’re home by choice or by circumstance Continue reading..

How to tell my mom I have bad anxiety and major depression - Quora

So between your own experiences and other people’s examples you have got a bit lost in your process of growing. What you desperately need is someone Continue reading..

Why Didn't Anyone Warn Me About Stay-at-Home Mom Depression?

I do think it can become easier over the years, as your kids get older and more independent. Continue reading..

When the Autism Super Mom Gets Depressed - Finding Cooper's Voice

There is a stigma around depression. Especially around mothers who are depressed. I have a son with severe Autism. Continue reading..

Sabrina Benaim – Explaining My Depression to My Mother - Genius

Mom, my depression is a shapeshifter One day it's as small as a firefly in the palm of a bear The next it's the Continue reading..

The Virgo Mom's November 2018 Horoscope - Babble Horoscopes by...

Advice for moms and dads with depression. Jane Roper. On a Friday morning in early November, I got up with Continue reading..

My mom is severly depressed and won’t get help

She has always been depressed, but some years it is worse than others. Growing up, my mom really didnt have much of a life. Continue reading..

Beating Depression as a Stay-at-Home Mom - FamilyLife

“I would get so depressed.” It can be depressing to be a stay-at-home mom, especially if you live the way my friend was living—no contact with people Continue reading..

my mom's depression and i cant help her... - HealthBoards

my mom has been depressed for most of my life (im 21) i think... when i was younger i guess i just didnt really notice it because she hid it well. she. Continue reading..

How bad does it get with postpartum depression? -

This Minnesota mom explains. I thought a baby would bring joy to our lives. By Jennifer Brookens Special to the Star Tribune. Continue reading..

The Destroy Depression™ System - Cure Depression Naturally

I have struggled with depression ever since my divorce 3 years ago. My self-esteem was at a real low point when I got your system and my confidence was Continue reading..

Moms & Depression: How To Help Your Children and Yourself

Jennifer has had depressive episodes for nearly two decades, but nothing as intense as the one after her daughter was born four years ago. Continue reading..

What It’s Like To Be A Stay-At-Home Mom On The Verge Of...

Depression is anger turned inward, right? Well, I’ve got my share of that going on, and I totally get it if you do too. Continue reading..

Told My Mom I'm Depressed, But She Won't Do Anything about It

I’ve told my mom that I have felt depressed since the 3rd grade. I used to fake sick just so I could stay in bed all day and I’m sad to say that I still do it even today. Continue reading..

How To Know If You Have Postpartum Depression - Mom365

Some moms even have thoughts of harming themselves or their babies. Experts Explain What Is Depression. Continue reading..

Depressed mom complains all the time. -

My mom has a lot of health issues, depression being one of them, but it's getting almost unbearable, at times. She is mad at my dad over an incident that happened a few weeks ago and won't let it drop...she fusses about him, she fusses about me to me, she complains about all her health problems... Continue reading..

23 Signs You Grew Up With Depression - Center For Mental Health

But young people do get depression — we just need to know the signs. To find out how people knew they were living with depression, we asked our mental health community to share, in hindsight, signs they had depression. Continue reading..

When You Are Worried Your Wife Has Postpartum Depression

His wife had significant anxiety about breastfeeding. She had trouble sleeping. When it came time for Jared to Continue reading..

My Mom Is Making Depression Harder To Deal With; Instead Of...

I've had a similar reaction to my mom. She seems to thing that how I feel is completely my decision. Continue reading..

I told my mother to go f*ck herself…and that’s mean. - My Mother Has...

My mom still blamed us for opening the bottles and making what was apparently a catastrophic mess within the bucket. My sister and I went back to the dinner Continue reading..

Mommy Has Depression - Her View From Home

My sweet children, Mommy has depression. I have lived with this disease long before you were ever born. Continue reading..

Talking to Parents About Depression

I think I might be depressed." Chances are, mom or dad will be impressed with your maturity. Continue reading..

My Cat Isn’t Bad — He’s Depressed - Get our wellness newsletter

My cat has signs of depression but that doesn't make him a bad cat. I'll never give up on helping him. Continue reading..

How to Explain Depression to People Who Just Don't Understand

Wondering how to explain depression? Here is a letter you can give to people in your life that just don't quite get it. Continue reading..

My Experience with Depression - Wing of Madness Depression Guide

My mom remarried when I was almost four to the wonderful man I consider my real father, and who has been there Continue reading..

How do I support my mother who has depression and has chosen to...

My mother has had depression for as long as I remember and I never knew how to support her, especially as a child. Continue reading..

Life With Depression - Parenting With Depression

Moms with depression carry a heavy burden. Not only do you have to take care of your own health and wellbeing, but you're also responsible for the Continue reading..

Postpartum Depression: When Dads & Partners Don't Seem To Get It

Mom gets resentful of dad, and dad gets resentful of mom. There is a lot of pressure to mind read. Mom feels that dad should know what to do to Continue reading..

How I Cured My Depression With Magic Mushrooms - High Existence

Dear Mom and Dad, I have great news: I cured my depression with magic mushrooms. Before you get upset, let me explain... Continue reading..

When You’re REALLY Depressed: 7 Ways to... - Therese Borchard

My mom once told me, “You can’t wait for the storm to be over, you have to learn how to dance in the rain.” That is appropriate for a day, week, or lifetime weighted down by severe depression. Continue reading..

11 Postpartum Depression Facts All Moms-To-Be Need To Know

Once mom is cleared for exercise, some doctors might also get her up and doing some aerobic activity to help balance mood. Continue reading..

I Refuse To Let My Wife's Depression Ruin My Marriage - YourTango

But part of having a depressed spouse means learning that depression can make everything Continue reading..

Mom Has Depression

"My mom has depression, so what are the chances that I have it and don't even know it?" Continue reading..

I Hate My Dad—Trouble at Home - WeHaveKids

Kids who hate their dads may have had a father who spent a great deal of time at home—but how much time did he actually spend paying attention to the child? Watching the television or entertaining your adult friends don't count just because your child was in the room. Fathers who have to force... Continue reading..

How I found out my mother was a prostitute… - Living with Depression

As my mother has told me years ago, before she had me she was teaching history and worked in the library for a while. Continue reading..

Why some new moms experience postpartum depression after IVF

The Toronto-based mom was a young 34 and figured getting pregnant would be a cinch—it had Continue reading..

Let’s talk about depression. - PositivelyAging

If someone has a heart attack, this is typically met with an outpouring of support including cards, flowers, hospital visits, and offers of food and company. Not so with depression. People will often keep the condition to themselves or within their close circle. Continue reading..

How Depression Affects Your Family

Moms who are depressed often suffer in silence -- but this common illness can also take a heavy toll on their children. That's why getting treated is more important Continue reading..

Depression Can Drain You Of Your Will To Live - HealthyPlace

When depression drains you of your will to live, there's one key thought that can save your life. Continue reading..

25 Ways People Earned Money During the Great Depression...

I'm the original Survival Mom, and have been helping moms worry less and enjoy their homes and families more for 9 years. Continue reading..

Depression - it really CAN kill you - The Fast Lane

It can have profound health consequences as well as having a great impact on day-to-day living. Severe, major depression can completely immobilize a Continue reading..

13 Things Moms With High-Functioning Depression Need You To Know

Having high-functioning, persistent depression means learning new ways to navigate each day, around the illness. Continue reading..

Corn Gave My Son Depression – Allergy and Depression

He had immense trouble making decisions. My very intelligent son was also getting poor grades in school. Continue reading..

Dear Mom, I Want To Kill Myself. - Find Your Inner Happy

My mom and I have what we call laugh attacks where we laugh so hard we cry and we don’t even know why. Continue reading..

INFP Depression... Is It Inevitable In This Evil World?

Only recently, my Mom has told me: “You know, Marta, it’s important to be honest, but sometimes Continue reading..

Dealing with Birthday Depression and Birthday Sadness: An Update

Do you get depressed or sad on your birthday? Almost a year ago I wrote a blog entry on birthday depression. This entry has easily had the most hits and comments of all of my posts, suggesting that birthday depression is a huge issue for many and one that is rarely acknowledged. Continue reading..

Tips for Coping with Depression While Raising Children

I have been battling depression since my early teen years. Sometimes I was strong and able to get through it. Sometimes I was down in a deep dark place and needed to seek help. Continue reading..

Talking to Parents About Depression

I think I might be depressed." Chances are, mom or dad will be impressed with your maturity. Continue reading..

Anxiety and depression took over my life - Time To Change

Having battled depression and anxiety for such a long time I have really struggled in the past to open up Continue reading..

Winter Depression: How Do You Know If You Have It?

But getting depressed in the winter is real and it’s a condition known as seasonal affective disorder (shortened to SAD). The truth is that the levels of Continue reading..

4 Ways I Manage My Depression - Ravishly - Media Company

But what might have happened if I had let the wound go unattended? Without the proper care, my gash would’ve easily become infected, leaving the perfect space for gangrene or even cellulitis to develop. Like a physical wound, depression can be fatal if left untreated. Continue reading..

Depression in pregnant women and mothers: How it... - Caring for Kids

If you think you have the symptoms, it’s important to get help right away. Postpartum depression needs to be treated. Talk to your doctor or call your local public health Continue reading..

Depression During Pregnancy: My Experience, Causes, Symptoms...

Most people have heard of postpartum depression. It’s a very real and often devastating problem that many Continue reading..

Writing Characters with Depression: What You're Doing Wrong

Everybody has problems. Get over it. Depression is not a free pass to allow your character to be mean, lazy, or generally annoying. Continue reading..

My mom doesn't care that I'm depressed - Glow Community

Is it bad if my mom doesn't care if I'm depressed? I tell her I feel depressed and worthless and like my life has no point and she never really responds. She normally just says it will get better. She mostly got mad when I told her last year that I wanted to die. Continue reading..

My Postpartum Depression Could Have Killed My Baby

Women who think they are bad moms and horrible people because they don’t have access to Continue reading..

Depression Brought Me Closer to My Mom

And then, in college, my depression got worse. I’d been depressed throughout high school and had always struggled with my self-image, but in college I began to self-harm and feel suicidal. Continue reading..

10 Ways to Walk Away from Depression

When you have walking depression, it’s possible to hide it from your family and friends, your boss Continue reading..

Hey, Mom And Dad: This Is Awkward, But I’m Depressed

I got a part-time job. I landed a coveted volunteer position. But still, there were days when I hated the way I dealt with things. I burst into tears on a train when a friend asked me to meet her at a different station, which required me to make a transfer on a public transit system with which I wasn’t very familiar. Continue reading..

How to get out of bed in the morning. - Depression Connect

But if you are suffering from anxiety or depression, getting up in the morning has a whole different meaning. Not being ... Continue reading..

Depression - Depression and Anxiety - Thanks for getting in touch

All depression will be helped by better self care. For mild depression, self-help techniques (like physical activity) can make a big difference. Continue reading..

How to Handle the Birthday Blues - HealDove

Spending time thinking about what you have done will keep you from thinking about all the things you haven't yet accomplished or that you think you should have accomplished. Continue reading..

When Depressed Husbands Refuse Help -

Depressed men often get angry at others and abuse alcohol or drugs. Depressed women on the other hand may blame themselves, but then they Continue reading..

36 ways to Deal with Depression

Guilt / depression worms inside of them. Nothing happens because there’s not enough real activity and challenge: You’re not in contact with the experimental guys. Continue reading..

Dog Depression: Symptoms, Causes, & Treatment Options

Dog Depression Treatment Options. Before you diagnose your pet with depression, make sure that Continue reading..

When I told my professors about my depression – karenwriteshere

As the depression got worse, I wondered if I was just using depression as an excuse for my stupidity and laziness. Continue reading..

How to Work While You're Dealing With Depression Kristin Wong

Depression can totally take over your reality. You see life through an entirely different lens–one that’s distorted, hazy, and overwhelming. Continue reading..

Quitting Smoking And Depression - Quitbit's Blog

A lot of smokers worry about getting depression after they quit smoking. Before we jump in, let’s state that the evidence between quitting smoking and Continue reading..

Postpartum Depression - Pregnant Chicken - Belgian Mom says

Have you heard of postpartum depression (PPD)? It’s one of those catch phrases that new moms and doctors toss around and, thanks to Brooke Shields, people seem to generally understand that it has to do with a mom being super bummed out after childbirth. Continue reading..

How To Overcome Teenage Depression (And Adult Too!)

This depression thing doesn’t even seem real to me.” I smiled, and nodded. I certainly wasn’t going to get very far with this man, as he was Continue reading..

8 Things You Should Never Say to a Someone Struggling With...

I’ve also had the let’s-just-get-over-it-type folks who have either ignored it or minimalized it in an attempt to not feel “uncomfortable” along with me. Continue reading..

The Difference Between Being Depressed and Having Depression

We only have one word for depression after all. Thankfully the dictionary reminds us that the same word can mean two different things Continue reading..

How I Win My Daily Struggle with Depression - OverExamined Life

Depression is living days and months at a stretch wondering why life sucks, of feeling worn out, tearful and fragile, when a good mood is an aberration or something I fake for anyone but Betsy. Continue reading..

Mom is going crazy

My sister has had many problems with her ex, the father of the kids. Since they were born there has been MANY court cases, he has bad things to say about all of us. Continue reading..

5 Small (But Big) Ways to Beat Depression Every Time - The Daily Mind

However, depressed thoughts still come and go. Sometimes during the course of my day I will just start to feel crap for no particular reason. And because I decided a long time ago that these depressed thoughts weren’t going to weigh me down anymore I adopted quite a few strategies to deal with them. Continue reading..

Cat depression - is your cat depressed - weekly pet tips by... -

Cat depression - depression in cats - is Canada's source for info on pets including dogs cats birds and more. Continue reading..

My wife has depression. There’s finally a TV show that... - Vox

I had that sucking feeling inside of me, the one you get when something's wrong but you can't pinpoint it. Continue reading..

When Depression Won't Let Us Get Out of Bed - The Blurt Foundation

There are some days when depression sticks us firmly to our bed. We know all the basic self-care advice, but it can feel a million miles away from where we are. Continue reading..

Will my depression ever end? Does anyone get better and stay better?

I have had depression two times before and have dealt with it, So yes you can get better and stay better. Continue reading..

My Mother Doesn’t Love Me and the Process... - Emerging from Broken

She said “Oh Darlene, we have always had our differences but we have always worked them out in the past” and I responded “No Mom, in the past I have Continue reading..

Breastfeeding and depression: It’s complicated - Breastfeeding Medicine

A recent Facebook post by Jack Newman has elicited passionate discussion about the relationship between breastfeeding and postpartum depression. Dr. Newman posted an email he’d received yesterday: My baby is 3 months old and breastfeeding has been “bliss” for me so far. Continue reading..

People with Asperger's Syndrome May Experience Depression...

What Happens When People with Asperger’s Get Depressed? Studies reveal that a possible 65% of people with Asperger’s tend to be more susceptible to anxiety and depression. However, due to the difficulties they have processing and sometimes displaying emotions with “appropriate affect,” it... Continue reading..

Have You Fallen Victim To These Myths About Depression?

I had depression for 11 years and finally cured it. These 5 myths held me back more than anything. Continue reading..

Seven Signs of Depression in a Friend or Loved One

This post has been written to assist the reader in observing signs of depression in a friend or loved Continue reading..

Sabrina Benaim's "Explaining My Depression To My Mother" Perfectly...

It can be difficult explaining what it feels like to have depression to someone who truly doesn't get it. More than just feeling a little down now and then, depression is a Continue reading..